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Air Freight

airfreight3Transsafe’s suite of airfreight products has been designed to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. We provide industry based solutions by understanding the sensitiveness of the cargo. Speed, liability and a market conform price setting are the key terms of our service. We offer a full array of value-added service options for convenient and simple shipment processing of palletized or loose shipments.

Time-definite or hazardous goods demand extra care, we have the talented people backed by powerful information visibility tools to optimize carrier schedules and see that most important shipments move door-to-door almost anywhere in the world – on time and intact. When your priority is to keep the cost of moving your goods to a minimum, but your freight must travel by air, then Transsafe is the ideal match.


Air Freight Delivery

airfreight2Our agency network on 378 base airports across the globe ensures that the door delivery or pick up of the cargo is planned and expedited. We hold relationship with both prime and deferred Airlines so as to meet our client’s exact needs. We provide our clients with multiple airline options so that they enjoy the freedom to choose the one in line with their expectation.

We also have our regular and time bound weekly and bi-weekly consoles from and to India from various destinations. We provide comprehensive service backed by the expertise of our local teams, who apply their up-to-the-minute insights on local conditions to reduce any risk of delays. A main advantage of our air freight product offer is that we are able to secure the capacity you need, where you need it and when you need it.

Scope of our air logistics services
  • airport to airport
  • door to door delivery
  • air charter
  • helicopter services
  • remote aviation

TRANSSAFE ensures cargo is creatively routed via the major gateways, to achieve the most competitive price. We consolidate your freight to improve economy, and ensure that it arrives when it’s needed, at airports in all major trading centers, across the globe. Our custom air freight products allow you to coordinate your freight with even greater flexibility and efficiency

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