Transsafe handles every shipment with the utmost care and attention. Part of our service is the availability of professional advice on dangers and risks during transit and storage. It is a primary obligation under every international sale of goods contracts that either the seller or the buyer will have to arrange adequate insurance for the goods in accordance with the agreed shipment terms.
We suggest insurance which cover loss due to fire, explosion, armed robbery, storm, flood and other weather hazards, washing overboard in heavy sea, leakage, general Average Claims (Sea/air freight).Sales Turnover Policy, Stock Throughput or the standard Marine Open Policy.
Whilst in transit by road, rail, sea or air, machineries such as turbines, boilers, generators etc. could be lost or may get damaged at any stage which may cause delay in the start-up of a specified project. The Smart Cargo Project Consequential Loss Insurance Policy relates to consequential loss in business due to delay in the start-up of a specified project.
We have something for everyone – a small exporter, importer, trader, manufacturer, a SME, a large corporate house or a Multi National Corporation. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to customize policies to suit your needs. We are the pioneers of online issuance of marine certificates in India. These policies compensate you for losses suffered and offers complete financial protection during the transit and Storage of your goods.
This Policy is to be obtained along with Project Cargo Insurance.